Machinima Interactive Film Festival

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You are cordially invited to the opening event of the Machinima Interactive Film Festival on November 30th from 8pm – 11pm. This is an EXCLUSIVE DEBUT of brand-new, original content, presented in a way never before experienced.  We'll be provided with sounds by Dj R-Rated and serving up the coldest complimentary adult beverages.

The Machinima Interactive Film Festival shines a light on the hard working filmmakers and animators at the forefront of this unprecedented cultural shift in online video media. YouTube has exploded with talent over the last few years and we here at Machinima have been fortunate enough to be right there with it, forging new paths and being a part of the birth of a true media renaissance. We are excited to launch this groundbreaking and thought provoking event, in collaboration with iam8bit.

The exhibit will run from November 30th - December 8th at the iam8bit Studios in LA, with an online promotional component running concurrently on the main Machinima channel ( during that week as well.

Vote for your favorite video from December 1 to December 6 at Each time you vote via Twitter using the #MIFF hashtag, you will be entered to win either a HP workstation or a 12-month Adobe Cloud membership.  Contest is open to US Residents only over 18 years of age.  This contest is brought to you by our friends, Waiting For Lightning, which will be available in theatres and available for download on December 7.

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